In many cases powder from a spray dryer needs to be packed or transported into a silo, big bag or a 25 kg bag.

Gravity can be very helpful with this, but things don’t fall up. Falling into a silo is not possible, in a big bag or packing machine is possible when there is enough height. Otherwise we transport the powder with a blower system or vacuum system to a silo or receiving system. Next is packing into a 25 kg bag with or without gassing.

The most amazing thing is working with gravity, things just don’t fall up in stead of down. It won’t go to a silo but it will go to a big bag or big bag installation if the building has the correct height. In other ocassions it will happen through blow- or sucking transport towards a silo or receiving hopper. From there it will be processed until the packing.



We deliver complete silos in each size, with vibrating bottom, fluidized bottom and loading systems. On top of the silo a receiving station or deaeration with dust filter.

After our fluidbeds we mostly install a sifter to sieve the products on a certain size. Bigger particles will be deleted from the process and the right size particles will be transported to a silo or packing machine.

We design and automate complete big bag units, switching on weight with stand alone operator panel for calibrating and easy big bag change.

Various powder transport systems are possible, pressure transport (by blower), vacuum transport (by vacuum pump) are the most important. Transport by means of a screw conveyor or a vibrating tube is possible too.

At pressure transport we use blowers and rotary valves, this is a simple system, depending on the product breakdown we can also use vacuum transport. We here use more equipment such as send hoppers, receiving hopper and filtration.

In many cases the power needs to be packed into 25 kg bags. The packing lines are complex machines. Very exact filling, CO2 and N2 injection, sealing, sewing and labeling or printing is all integrated. Metal detection systems and palletizing are sometimes also part of this. Sanco Processing can deliver this together with our partners as a turn key installation.