Several liquid processing projects are done by Sanco Processing, special heat treatment installations, dosing solutions or CIP units, it’s all engineered with the right components and materials.



A pasteurizer is often installed before evaporators or in a concentrate line to a spray dryer. When possible we do this in plate heat exchangers and holding.

When the product viscosity is higher we use tube in tube in tube heaters, this is more complex and for us a nice goal to design and automate.

We use often concentrate heaters to preheat the product before spray drying. This saves energy in drying. Mostly we use tube heat exchangers for this and hot water.

We deliver complete inline standardization systems to make one product from different supplies such as fat, protein, total solids etc.

For our various pasteurizers, concentrate heaters, air heaters we design hot water units with all the necessary components such as pumps, valves and instruments.

The CIP unit is the hart of each (food) plant. 1, 2, 3 or 4 tank systems, semi or fully automated. An evaporator cleans itself (only acid and caustic supply), but a spray dryer has several items to clean. Capacity of the CIP unit is for that very important.

In a spray drying plant there are so many different processes and each process has its own CIP procedure. We supply CIP units custom made.

Most (small) tanks we manufacture in our own workshop, feed tanks, concentrate tanks with agitator, CIP tanks, dosing tanks etc.

The design and the welding on manifolds is the hardest part, at the design we focus on each valve function. Block and bleed, CIP and failure of each item is the highest priority. Simplicity and maintenance is also very important.

Sanco Processing developped a tankcleaning system, often used at spray dryers in combination with a Toftejorg tank cleaner. This hose reel is completely made of stainless steel, free hanging with an atex motor and operator panel.

For all our processes we need utilities such as steam, condensate, (drinking) water, ice water and compressed air. We do not deliver steam boilers and or ice water making installations, others can do better. But we can calculate and advise in this kind of installations. We calculate for all our processes the consumptions of each utility.