In many cases powder from a spray dryer needs to be packed or transported into a silo, big bag or a 25 kg bag.

Gravity can be very helpful with this, but things don’t fall up. Falling into a silo is not possible, in a big bag or packing machine is possible when there is enough height. Otherwise we transport the powder with a blower system or vacuum system to a silo or receiving system. Next is packing into a 25 kg bag with or without gassing.

The most amazing thing is working with gravity, things just don’t fall up in stead of down. It won’t go to a silo but it will go to a big bag or big bag installation if the building has the correct height. In other ocassions it will happen through blow- or sucking transport towards a silo or receiving hopper. From there it will be processed until the packing.



Powder transport




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