Sanco Automation delivers complete control cabinets and systems. Systems for process and fluid/powder applications consist of:

  • Electro engineering (hardware)
  • Functional design
  • Software engineering
  • PLC automation design
  • Scada automation design
  • Control cabinets and panels
  • Industrial cable ducting

Based on a detailed P&ID which describes all components.

It’s possible to integrate Stand Alone equipment, for example:

  • Fire system (air heater)
  • Atex system (powder)
  • CO detection system (spray dryer)
  • Dosing system (Lecithin, water treatment, caustic/acid)
  • Fire system (spray dryer)

SanCo Automation has extended knowledge of industrial automation and production processes, and is able to offer efficient and effective solutions with the newest available technology.

Solutions are offered from project based to turn-key and from project support to implementation.